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JP Nutrition EEA and Performance Fuel Stack

JP Nutrition EEA and Performance Fuel Stack

JP Nutrition EEA and Performance Fuel Stack

Product Code: Trained by JP Nutrition EEA and Performance Fuel Stack
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Taking 2 servings during a training session will suffice perfectly if have taken in a protein rich pre workout meal and then following training again take in a protein rich post workout meal. If at times meal timings become a little further from around 90 minutes pre and 60 minutes post workout, then use 3 servings during the session. This will aid in recovery , which will in turn ensure increased performance in subsequent training sessions.

Per Serving:

Per 15g Serving:

L-Leucine – 4000mg

L-Isoleucine – 2000mg

L-Valine – 2000mg

L-Lysine – 2000mg

L-Threonine – 1000mg

L-Histidine – 400mg

L-Phenylalanine – 600mg

L-Methionine – 400mg

L-Trytophan – 80mg

Performance Fuel

Cyclic dextrin, also known as cluster dextrin, is a unique carbohydrate source that quickly digests in the gut due to its low osmolarity. This reduces the chance of any gastric distress during training sessions, which can often occur from cheaper carb powders such as maltodextrin and dextrose.

We feel using a patented, trademark licensed version of cyclic dextrin is very important in order to guarantee you the highest possible quality.

The addition of citrulline, will aid blood flow and will raise nitric oxide levels in the blood, which will improve nutrient delivery and help to increase that feeling of  ‘getting a pump’ during training .

Glutamine has also been added to further promote gastric efficiency, as well as muscular recovery.

The final addition is taurine, which can help with cellular hydration and support blood flow.

Suggested used – 25g – 75g cyclic dextrin during your workout (goal and person dependent).

In an offseason setting, using more intra workout carbohydrates is typical, allowing for more calories in the day and supporting the goal of muscle gain.

During a diet phase, less intra workout carbohydrates are often used, in favour of consuming more calories from whole food. In a deficit, we still believe in the importance of keeping some carbohydrates during your training in order to fuel and maintain performance and muscle mass. 1 serving (30g) would suffice, for bigger individuals, or those with higher energy demands, it may stay higher.

For best results, combining Performance Fuel with an essential amino acid source will more effectively offset muscle protein breakdown and promote recovery. We have both MPs Max and JP EAA , which would be ideal accompaniments to your Performance Fuel!

Per 30g Serving:

Cluster Dextrin (Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin) – 26g

Taurine – 990mg

Citrulline Malate – 990mg

Glutamine – 990mg

Aquamin Calcium – 300mg

Aquamin Magnesium – 300mg

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